Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Word on Wednesday: Fun


Let's plant some seeds and grow some FUN. FUN online, FUN in person. FUN exchanging clever gifts, FUN writing parodies to familiar songs, FUN with twister or catchphrase or sheepshead or any other party game, Uno anyone? FUN watching "Elf," FUN singing "Grandma got Run Over by a Reindeer," FUN "rocking around the Christmas tree." FUN under the mistletoe, FUN making silly face photos (or snapchats for you whippersnappers), FUN with egg nog, FUN with candy sprinkles, FUN in the snow, FUN wondering how the heck you roast a chestnut anyway, FUN sharing Santa stories, FUN singing off key or in harmony, FUN recalling the bloopers of holiday past, FUN gabbing with gal pals, FUN meeting the latest significant other at the dinner table, FUN dancing, FUN laughing with that guest who ate the most fruitcake.

Every man, woman, and child can grow FUN
If you are unsure how, 
Ask a grown up or ask a kid!