Saturday, April 6, 2013

Detached Fog

present yet not

there and away

images blurred from focus

smooth edges around concrete objects

visibly recognizable person

to only those around

self withdrawn

Circa 2012

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


They say to focus your blog to gain a captive audience for a particular niche. Yet, I am more of a Swiss army knife than a hammer. Rather than pounding in a singular message, I see my voice capable of versatility. This blog will feature “Words, Crazy Words” about education, parenting & family, women, mental illness, and the arts.

I am a writer/story teller/hack extraordinaire. I have worked in community journalism for 13 years and worked as a grant writer for five. Additionally, I have written things as simple as resumes, as complicated as software manuals, and as scandalous as ghost-written love letters for tongue-tied friends.

Currently, I am drawn to forms of written expression, which have seemingly less usefulness — at least by the measure of a ready audience. In keeping with my areas of interest, I will present original poetry, essays, flash fiction, and exerts from my manuscript, “Stress Fracture – A Memoir of Psychosis.”  

Thank you for reading – it makes me believe a tree really did fall in the woods.